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Talent Discovery and Acquisition

At Clew, talent discovery and acquisition is serious business. Our practice is defined by delivering the most brilliant minds to our clients.

Our track record speaks for itself, with projects for giants like Microsoft and Koch Industries, leading consulting firms like McKinsey and IDC, startup juggernauts like RSA, SupplierMarket.com (purchased by Ariba) and Millennial Net, as well as venture capital firms, private equity funds and M&A advisors. We are not a ‘staffing firm,’ nor are we a traditional Executive Search Firm.

We have been retained for assignments by many of the world’s most formidable organizations. Our Talent Discovery and Acquisition (“TDA”) projects are designed for and delivered to a single client. We do not recycle information, candidates or research.

We tailor our services to suit the individual client and the unique elements of the engagement.

Investors, executives and search firm principals understand that any search begins with a clearly defined goal, followed by intensive research and validation prior to solicitation of candidates. For some this means interrogating a database, for others it is about spinning a Rolodex or old fashioned networking. For many, it means identifying a business consulting partner for the long ride, not a sales consultant focused on the individual transaction.

We are a research, consulting and analysis firm with deep exposure to executive search and complex talent discovery and acquisition programs. We have researched the organizations and minds behind entire markets, specific technologies, applied research disciplines and other emerging, entrenched or uprooted industry practices, processes and products. Some clients have required intensive dialogue and transcription, while still others have required extensive profiling and documentation. Few projects have been identical in scope and scale, though several have been similar in nature.

Contact us if you are looking for a unique mind, executive or advisory, and wish to see only the best and brightest, including diversity candidates. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

About Clew PResearch Services

Perhaps you are responsible for a unusual small or large scale talent discovery and acquisition program…an initiative in which the business case must be understood clearly, where access to talent in advance of opportunity is paramount.

Where do you turn when there is no specific ‘job opening’ to circulate? How do you complete a search when there is only interest in outreach, not specifically closure?

Clew has a solution to this challenge, we call it PResearch.

Clew will work with you to identify, profile and communicate with talent in these ambiguous situations. We will help you to navigate these straits by identifying the motivations and worries of candidates, by understanding your own calibration processes for such individuals.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the unique situations in which we have delivered PResearch services across technology, consulting, private equity and other markets.

How may we help you?

To discuss how we can help your organization, call 781.674.2539 or send us an email.

Clew is headquartered in historic Lexington, MA just outside of Boston.

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