Research and Analysis

Get answers without legions of consultants.

Our projects are always designed and delivered to a single client and tailored to reflect the individuality of that client and the unique elements of the engagement. Projects range from multi-month, ongoing research and monitoring services to brief, intense multi-day engagements. We never take on a project unless we are confident that we will exceed client expectations.

Yes, Clew really works on both long and short studies. Sometimes you need an answer quickly, without an RFP, without extensive scope and analysis meetings, without kicking off a multi-month study. You need actionable research now, not next month. Perhaps you need only to interview a very small universe of sources – perhaps just one individual – to validate a rumor, investigate an assumption or confirm a belief.

You might find yourself sitting on dated research, wondering what updated findings might look like. You might require intelligence about major enterprise sales prospects, unique human sources or other emerging assets. You might find your business case lacking insightful market research, expert opinions, demographic data or other material.

Consulting, Research and Analysis

Clew supports management disciplines ranging from HR, finance and legal to sales, marketing, operations and general management. We provide comprehensive consulting services through our core Clew practices as well as specialized training services in support of both primary and secondary research skills development.

Contact us if you are looking for a unique solution that you feel is not clearly described within our current portfolio of services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. If we are not the right firm for the project, we will gladly refer you to suitable, highly reputable solutions provider.

Clew generates intelligence by leveraging both primary and secondary research to support:

  • Sales, Marketing and Fund Raising Operations
    Supporting individual, departmental, regional, divisional or corporate-wide initiatives.
  • Competitor Analysis and Monitoring
    Intelligence related to organizations, markets, products, services, plans and people.
  • Business Planning and Strategic Planning
    Intelligence related to organizations, markets, products and services, human capital, finance, technology and operations. For nonprofits, this also includes many elements of fundraising program management, such as research and potential donor profiling.
  • Talent Discovery and Acquisition
    Supporting all areas of key team building activities, for internal parties as well as external consultants and advisors such as executive search consultants and investors.
  • Strategic Partnership/Alliance Intelligence
    Identification and assessment of potential synergy and/or dissonance.
  • Critical Vendor Selection
    Detailed review and analysis of providers, including reference auditing.
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
    Identification and analysis of potential networks, including those used by competitors and/or benchmark organizations.
  • Customer Profiling
    Profile and review of key customers, past, present and future.
  • Counter Intelligence and Victim Simulation
    Identification of current or potential information leaks, including human capital leaks.
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    Clew is headquartered in historic Lexington, MA just outside of Boston.

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