Sometimes you’ve got to choose between the sky and the ocean.

Many research professionals invest incredible amounts of time fluttering through electronic resources in search of meaningful information. Unfortunately, we all see different shapes in the clouds. Search engines, while powerful, continue to fall short when it comes to efficiently delivering meaningful insight.

The information we seek often does not exist in any database or repository accessible to web crawlers and search agents. It exists in the gray matter between the ears of other human beings.

Clew’s overall approach to research places tremendous emphasis on primary research. Primary research is generally known to our industry as in-depth interviews, primarily by telephone, with industry sources likely to be intimate with competitor and marketplace activity, including the competitor’s own employees, industry analysts, pundits and many others.

We are able to glean tremendous insight through conversations with key industry participants – information that might otherwise never be found through secondary research. That is the reason why we prefer to go to the source, and recognize the need for a deep dive into the watery recesses of other minds.

A well defined approach to consulting has allowed us to successfully work in many areas of industry, with and across all functional areas of management. While we have extensive experience working with technology product and service firms, financial and professional service firms as well as life science firms, we have also worked with non-profit organizations, publishing firms, law firms and literally dozens of other market participants with very specialized needs. The common thread is that our proven approach translates consistently, and successfully.

Our projects are designed and delivered to a single client and tailored to suit the individuality of that client and the unique elements of the engagement. Our time on projects ranges from multi-month, ongoing research and monitoring services to brief, intense multi-day engagements. We never take on a project unless we are confident that we will exceed client expectations.

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