Clew has skills.

A well defined approach to consulting has allowed us to successfully work in many areas of industry, with and across all functional areas of management. Over the years, we have served global leaders like Fidelity, Microsoft, The Hartford, Pfizer, Nestle, and Koch Industries, leading services firms including McKinsey and IDC, startup juggernauts such as Kana, RSA, Ariba and Millennial Net, along with VC’s, PE funds and M&A advisors.

The common thread is that Clew’s proven approach translates consistently, and successfully.

Due to the sensitive and highly confidential nature of many engagements, we do not provide a detailed listing of current or past competitive intelligence clients and projects in our marketing literature or on our web site. References are made available only to our current and prospective clients and partners. Upon qualified request, we offer declassified case studies and project samples, including deliverables.

Visit the ‘By Industry’ link for more information regarding markets we have served.

How may we help you?

To discuss how we can help your organization, call 781.674.2539 or send us an email.

Clew is headquartered in historic Lexington, MA just outside of Boston.

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